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This is not unexpected. Huawei has been within the US government’s crosshairs for years, a de facto ban in 2012 (some would possibly call it a sturdy urging) effectively keeping Huawei phones from US providers no matter previous relationships there.

But one observe the modern cellphone market well-knownshows how the corporation ought to fail if it tries to go it alone. Android and iOS form a duopoly, with 86% of all the world’s phones walking on Android, in line with IDC, approximately 14% walking on iPhone’s iOS, and 0% running on another platform.

The days whilst three, four or even 5 cell operating systems fought for dominance are a ways in the back of us, and the closing holdouts — Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and WebOS — have long on the grounds that crumpled or transformed to Android.

Even rival Samsung, which poured money into its personal open-source Tizen running system (which you see on Samsung smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch Active), couldn’t make a meaningful dent. Huawei’s possibilities of making a 3rd OS will be most a hit in its domestic us of a of China, wherein it sells 50% of 60% of its general telephones (estimates range by means of source).
However, in markets outside of China, like Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Latin America, an OS that doesn’t completely aid Android means that clients would have to mention goodbye to mainstay services like Gmail, Google Maps and Google Assistant.

“The running device is much less of a direct problem to Huawei than the absence of Google programs,” stated Ben Wood, chief or research at CCS Insight, in a document on the situation. “There is not any doubt that Huawei desires get entry to to the full variety of Google apps and offerings, that are essential to fulfillment in Western markets.”

Temporarily loosened restrictions mean that Huawei and Google can nevertheless paintings collectively to keep modern Huawei Android telephones just like the Huawei P30 Pro supplied with protection updates and Google’s Android services thru Aug. 19, but dropping Google’s Android aid for destiny telephones should spell catastrophe for Huawei’s enterprise and effect the global smartphone market as a whole.

“We count on trade wars threaten a capacity 5% decline in worldwide cell smartphone shipments in 2019,” Wood said.

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